Worktop Cutouts

Design your worktop around your families requirements with bespoke cutouts.

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There are many different sinks available on the market today and each one may require a different cutout. Whether it is an undermounted sink, belfast, overmounted or even a moulded Silestone sink, Cambridge Worktops will be able to tailor your granite or quartz worktops to accommodate the sink of your choice. Cutouts available are:

  • Polished
  • Inset
  • Moulded
Cambridge Worktops - Buy With Confidence


Nowadays there are so many different hobs to choose from it can start to get very complicated. Fortunately, when it comes to the cut out in your kitchen worktops, you need not worry. Most hobs nowadays, whether Induction, Gas, Domino or multiple use the same inset cut out. There are a few models on the market, which come with a rebated option, where the hob sits in the stone and is flush with the surface, but our team of fitters will be able to determine the correct cut out for your hob when on site at template. If you are unsure and would like to know prior to this then you can always contact our office.

Cambridge Worktops - Buy With Confidence


Most people today do not just use the kitchen as a place to cook and eat. Whether its entertaining dinner guests, catching up with some work, sitting down to enjoy some time with the family or simply having a few friends round for a quiet drink, the kitchen has become so much more. That is why there are now so many unique accessories available to garner your kitchen for every occasion. Whether it is the latest Evoline port, S-box, wine fridge, champagne tray or entertainment centre, we can tailor your bespoke worktops to fit all.