Choosing your next worktop can be a complex & daunting process. Our team have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions they answer to help you get a jump start.


As with any large purchase for your home, your worktop is an investment. To ensure you get the most from it, plan appropriately. Take into consideration the variety of materials available, the finishes, the style of edging and colour but most importantly, ensure the measurements are accurate and you make the most of your time with the Cambridge Worktops free consultations.

Worktops are available at a variety of price points – from cheaper laminates to expensive granites – and what you choose is usually be driven by how much you have to spend. Cheaper options can be good idea but may not last as long more durable stones or composites.For budget minded individuals combining different types of worktops is on trend, so your kitchen will look very up-to-date.

If this has already decided, it can give you a good steer towards what worktop might be best. Straight runs are cheaper and easier to fit, while seamless materials such as composites make sense if you have lots of corners.

Usually stone composites, granite and some woods will need templating by an expert. Every cut-out you have – for a hob or undermounted sink for instance – will cost around £100-£300. Drainer grooves cut into stone by the sink will also cost extra.

In the Showroom

Our team are here to help you get the most from your budget. Our designers have been designing kitchens for decades and they're main job is to make sure the final project works well in your space, stands the test of time and looks great.

The most popular materials for kitchen worktops – laminate, granite, wood, glass, composite stone, stainless steel – have different advantages, so it’s important to look at all the factors involved. Many of the made-to-measure worktops – marble, concrete, Corian – are pretty costly and can prove unrealistic if you’re on a budget, so opt for a quality look-alike instead. Pre-cut laminate worktops still provide gorgeous surface design and durability without the hefty price tag. Solid wood can also be a good option as it’s easy to maintain.

The depth of worktop you choose can also alter the look of a kitchen. Thinner profiles of 10 or 20mm are still popular but thicker edges, created by adding a strip of the composite or stone to the front of the worksurface creating edges of 50mm, are also having a resurgence. The standard thickness is 30mm.

Ensure you get hands on experience with the worktop materials you are considering. Concrete worktops can be rough to the tough (depending on it's finish) whilst Quartz worktops are typically flush to the touch. The finish can also have a tremendous impact on the final aesthetics so it's important to see samples before you commit.

Quartz is a composition and altered with raw materials such as quartz & metal to improve its durability and design possibilities. If you want to discover its properties, visit one of our showrooms and get some hands on experience.

If you're a keen cook in the kitchen, you'll need to consider an appropriate worktop to accomodate your favourite pastime. Choose a worktop that will cope well with heat, spills and general wear & tear of a busy kitchen. If you're concerned with design and looks, you need to consider how your worktop will stand the test of time.

Ordering & Installation

After making choosing your worktop, you can contact our team directly on 01223 755966 to define costs, availability & learn more about our process. During the Ordering & Installation process our design team are always on-hand to help you make the right decisions and answer any questions you have.

You can either call us for a formal quotation or request one online. Our team will will prepare a formal itemised quotation and ensure all of your questions are fully explored. To place an order, simply call our team on 01223 657104.

Absolutely. You can pay with any Visa, Mastercard or Debit card in addition to BACS or Cheque.

Our experienced team are here to ensure you make all of the right decisions and experience the best service we have available. If your project is complex or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team today.


Purchasing a worktop can be a daunting process but working with our team, your questions will be answered promptly and concerns will be attended. We've installed thousands of worktops across the country and can provide you with advice and guidance at every twist and turn.

The price of Silestone will vary depending on the m2 and the colour chosen. If you want a Silestone quote, locate your nearest distributor or store in the section Where to Buy.

To maintain your worktop, we recommend avoiding the use of bleaches or chemical products. For cleaning, simply use soapy water and protect it from hot pans and pots by using trivets.

A worktop is the workhorse in your kitchen, so taking the time to choose the right one is crucial. Our worktops are available in a wide range of finishes, thicknesses and edging. Each surface has unique properties, with differing levels of water, wear and heat resistance. They all come with a guarantee, which varies depending on type. Specialist worktops need to be templated, so can only be measured for their fitting once your kitchen units are in place. Non-specialist ones can be measured in advance, so tend to be the quicker and cheaper options.

Cambridge Worktops Software Aided Design Solution

Advanced CAD Design

With our in-house CAD systems, you can rest assured that your new worktop installation will get the best start with a pixel-perfect design from one of our expert kitchen designers.

Cambridge Worktops Limtless Design Options

Unlimited Design Options

Your installation options are boundless. All of our worktops can be cut to fit nearly any space, perfectly. Let your imagination run free with our range of colours, materials and edges.

Cambridge Worktops - Low Maintenance Kitchen Worktops

Low maintenance

All of our worktops are treated to ensure longevity. Gently cleaning the surfaces with soap & detergent is sufficent to ensure they last a life-time.

Cambridge Worktops Delighted Customers

Delighted Customers

At heart, we're a local business and customer satisfaction is at the center of everything we do. We have thousands of happy customers and we're fortunate enough that they feel comfortable leaving positive feedback for us to share.