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Sensa Worktops

Sensa by Cosentino is a natural granite surface. These beautiful granite surfaces contain a stain resistance that protects them from all stains and extends their longevity. The Sensa range is an elegant and high-quality granite surface which is covered by a 15 years warranty.

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15 years of warranty. Sensa by Consentino is an exceptional granite collection that includes a written warranty with each surface.

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Cambridge Worktops is proud to introduce the SENSA range by Consentino. Naturally stain-resistant and cleaned with a simple soap solution and cloth, this surface will stand the test of time. This is the surface which will be enjoyed by your family for decades to come.

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SENSA Granite worktops

Sensa is a granite surface from Brazil and India. It is an exquisite offering, created from the most beautiful stones from nature.

It provides a unique, elegant and exotic slab design perfect for high flow areas such as kitchen & reception installations.

Unique & bespoke

The colours found in the SENSA collection by Consentino are unique and exclusive. They are perfectly in-tune with the nature that was responsible for creating them and the beautiful range offers seven shades. Each one available in suede, polished or caresse finishes.

Sensa by Cosentino® granites are natural products, thus it's not possible to guarantee that the samples from the store and the photos will match perfectly with the final worktop.

The Sensa Range

SENSA by Consentino is a unique and exclusive range of colours & in tune with the nature that is responsible for creating them. There are seven shades available, each one with a choice of finish - suede, polished or caresse. SENSA by Consentino granites is a natural product with unique patterns, colours and hues. The final worktop will always be beautiful yet they may differ from the individual samples you see in our showrooms.